Comfort Food

1 10 2010

With the school holidays upon me, I have been feeling in the baking mood. Googled “chocolate caramel slice nz” and found the Curious Kai blog – and the most decadent slice recipe I have ever seen, Had to make it. Have now tasted it and can attest that it is delish (I cut it into VERY small pieces). I also confess that I halved the caramel. The amount in the recipe looked to much even for me! Looks like there is a lot of other yummy stuff on his blog –gorse flower cordial anyone? Great to see a noxious weed being put to good use!




2 responses

1 10 2010

Hmm I’m surrounded by pretty yellow gorse flowers, I must investigate. 🙂

7 10 2010

OMG VERY caramelly I agree. I think you could also leave out the chocolate in the base. It’d still very very chocolately. Looks delish. (Too delish for me to make – I’m afraid I’d eat it all!)

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