Reading Frenzy

30 12 2010

After a year of reading little but study related books and articles, I have had a little “reading for pleasure” frenzy over the last few days.

First up was Wolf Hall, my book circle book that has only taken me six months to read. Really enjoyed it. I didn’t know a lot about Thomas Cromwell and I found it incredibly interesting that someone from such a humble background could rise to such great heights. I found it a little hard to follow at times (Cromwell is only ever referred to as “he”) and the list of characters at the front came in handy more than once. There were some gorgeous descriptions. One I particularly liked was:

“There is a tentative, icy sun; loops of vapour coil across the river, a scribble of mist.”

I am looking forward to the sequel.

Next, for a complete change of pace, I read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (pinched from my son’s Christmas presents). A nice, light read, I found I didn’t get into the characters as much as the Harry Potter series. Having said that, I will probably read the other ones (if the boy lets me). More importantly, he seems to be enjoying them!

Continuing on the young adult fiction theme, Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld was next on my list. This is a sequel to Leviathan which I read some time ago.  It is a rollicing adventure set in an alternative 1914 with two spunky heroes (one boy, one girl) and lots of weird and wonderful technology of the mechanical and biological kind. I like how the author has used the real events of the time as a springboard for his fantastic story. I am eagerly awaiting book number 3.

Finally, on a more serious note, there was Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. It is a moving story about loss, love and women’s lives. Sounds heavy but isn’t. I loved it. It is another young adult novel but there is plenty in there for older readers. Bring a hanky for the ending.




One response

31 12 2010

Glad you enjoyed and finished Wolf Hall 🙂 I used to read a bit of YA for the school library I worked for but it was really restricted in terms of what we were “allowed” to put in the library because of being a Christian school. Was a bit disappointing really but I imagine once Tim gets older I’ll read a bit more so I can suggest stuff for him.

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