Blogs I Like – Auckland Transport Blog

7 03 2010

Too many blogs, too little time. I had a huge cut back on my RSS feeds last year and made a pact with myself to only add blogs that really engaged me. I have to admit they are a fairly random collection and most of the time I only skim read. Anyway, I thought I might share a few of them with you, starting with (for no particular reason) the Auckland Transport Blog. If you live outside of Auckland, I can’t imagine you would be too excited by it but seeing as I am an Aucklander, I take more than a passing interest in our transport woes. The writer of Auckland Transport Blog has stimulating and (as far as I can tell) well researched articles. Blogs sometimes descend into unpleasantness but this one stays on topic and I really look forward to seeing new posts. There have been some thought provoking posts on the “Super City” that don’t fill me with confidence for the future. My only complaint is that, being on the “other”side of the bridge, much of the content is fairly irrelevant (but no less interesting) to me. But we all write about what we know.