A Night Out at Green Day

19 12 2009

It was a good thing that I cleaned out my handbag. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that they would probably search it when we got to the Vector Arena to see Green Day in concert. Aside from the fact that the extensive collection of school notices, receipts, brochures, empty lolly wrappers and business cards would not have looked attractive, the half empty bag of M&Ms that was lurking near the bottom (and had spilled half its contents) would have have been confiscated. Cameras are cellphones are fine these days, food and drink not. The M&Ms weren’t mine by the way. They were leftovers from a trip to the movies with the offspring a few months ago. Goes to show how often I clean out my handbag.

As you have probably gathered, I don’t get out much. I am a hermit by nature at the best of times and becoming a housewife has only increased that tendency. As my beloved and I walked to Vector, I was mildly astonished at how many people were about. We go out so rarely at night that I tend to forget that other people have lives.

I am not a big concert goer. I am not overly fond of having my ears ringing for days later and I have an extreme dislike for paying good money to see the back of some tall, sweaty guy rather than the act that is performing. Call me grumpy or just middle aged (both would be accurate), I like to get more than the occasional glimpse of the stage. For this reason, I was delighted to be in the “lower bowl” (as the Vector Arena calls it) with an excellent view. The floor is no place for an old (short) woman like me.

Green Concert Auckland 18 Dec 2009

So what about the concert itself? Well, it was the most fun I have had for a long time. Huge energy, lots of crowd involvement, great songs. A few lucky people got called up on to the stage. One, a girl in a bright pink wig, got to sing (not very tunefully) and was clearly not intimidated by being on stage with thousands of people watching her. The band played virtually non-stop for two and a half hours which in my book is value for money and they looked like they were enjoying themselves as much as the audience. My only complaint was that the sound wasn’t always the greatest. For a couple of songs it seemed so distorted that it was hard to tell what was on (although that could just be my non-concert adjusted ears).
Green Concert Auckland 18 Dec 2009

As always, I had my camera with me (my little Panasonic TZ5 instead of my DSLR). I think every single photo of Billy Joe Armstrong was blurry – the guy just doesn’t stay still (not that I am complaining). Besides, I was enjoying myself far too much to get too worried about photo taking. It was the most fun I have had at a concert – ever.
Green Day Auckland 18 January 2009

Green Concert Auckland 18 Dec 2009