An Old School Friend

25 01 2010

Not mine – my Dad’s. I took this candid shot at my Dad’s birthday.

52 Faces - Candid shot of my father's old school friend


My Dad

15 01 2010

3 - DadMy Dad just had a birthday with a 0 in it but he still manages to mix it with my boys. I forced him to let me take his photo and made the discovery that there is some good afternoon light on their front steps. This one was taken at their front door but I worked out a better place later on and got some not bad shots of a couple of other people (I want to make sure I that I have some back up shots just in case I get busy! I am setting my own rules for this project and as long as I post a portrait each week (not all will make it on to this blog), I am not particular about when I shot them. I figure there will be times when I might find several willing subjects and others when I have none. I am going for whatever works.

52 Faces in 2010

6 01 2010

After successfully completing my 365 project in 2009 (not sure why there are 366 shots in the set), I started thinking about what I could do this year. I find specific projects very motivating but didn’t want to take on the grind of another photo a day. I thought about what I wanted to improve in my photography and came up with people photography. I love looking at beautiful landscapes but it is shots of people that move me the most. This is fortunate because I don’t have to get up at 5am to get shots of people 🙂

1 - Self PortraitSo my new project is to take 52 portraits this year. I am going to run out of family members pretty quick so if you know anyone very patient who willing to be photographed let me know. I pretty much suck at direction (one of the things I hope to improve) and want to learn more about using lighting, props etc to create more interesting shots. I have done my first one – a self portrait that didn’t turn out too bad (if I say so myself). I just used window light for this, with some black fabric draped over the washing rack for a backdrop and a reflector to help fill any unflattering shadows. Oh yes – I made sure I was wearing makeup. That usually helps a lot.

I used the OneOne Software DSLR Camera Remote on my ipod touch to trigger my camera. It is good to be able to review my shots without having to constantly race back to the camera to have a look at the LCD screen after every click. On the full version you can change your camera settings using the app but I use the lite version that simply acts as a trigger. It is a bit awkward having to hook your camera up to your laptop and this limits its usefulness but it does what it says it does and was much cheaper than buying the remote that goes with my Canon 40D.

Anyway, that is my first portrait done. Only 51 to go….